Autumn Leaves

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, my first one here and a perfect Autumn day outside. Blue sky, crisp breeze and bronze leaves. Perfect!

To celebrate a beautiful Canadian milestone in my adventure here, and to get back to the blog, I’ve nicked this wee conversation starter from Adena the Awesome…you can find her regularly telling the truth about Art-making at ‘An Art Full Life’

“Each change of season requires a shift and we have just begun autumn. I’m orienting myself, first by noticing associations with this time of year, and second, by noticing how I relate to them. Though the questions are impersonal, the answers aren’t. I’m sharing them for fun, and if it’s fun, join me!”

Food: What are five foods you love to eat in autumn?Root veggies. It’s all about them and anything made with them. Mashed carrots and parsnips. Sweet potato anything (we’re having sweet potato fries this evening). Soup. Anything with lentils in it. Pumpkin Spice lattes. They’re my achilles heel and the one thing most likely to ruin the cleanse I’m currently on!

Gratitude: What five things are you grateful for this autumn? City living. Working with people that fascinate and inspire me. Building things I’m passionate about. Abounding Love. Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Ripeness: What three things are ripe in your life right now? My curiousity and wonder about yoga. My hopes for my latest venture. The limitless potential of living in a city that I feel aligned with.

Harvest: What three things are you ready to complete? Creative Scaffolding (yup, that’s the 3rd mention in a row. I’m excited). The large pile of partially read books beside my bed. Unpacking.

Fruitfulness: What three things do you want to bring to fruition this season? My own Arts coaching course, in Vancouver and online. Songs. Beauty in my life.

Routine: What five things could you regularly practice to support your fruition? Daily meditation and regular yoga. Remembering that Art is Prayer. Honest evaluation. Rest. 3 concrete actions, met each day, forwarding my dream.

Feasting: How will you share? Committing to writing here for you (and me). Service through Art and enabling others to meet their creativity wholey and often. Laughing.

Maturity: What have you grown into? What have you grown out of? I’ve grown into a beautiful relationship that is better now than it’s ever been. I’ve grown out of wishing for the unattainable…I’m prepared to just take it for myself now.

Knowledge: Stolen from Adena but so true to me, nearly cried when I read it…I finally learned that my voice is, like, legit the way it is. Though I still want to learn to do more things with it.’ The knowledge that just because it doesn’t look like I thought it would doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If it feels right, it probably is.

School: If you could take five classes right now, from the school of your dreams, what would you study?  Yoga philosophy, creative writing, reiki, dulcimer, lap steel.

Melancholy: We’re all just passing through here. Melancholy has a bad rep, but it holds our depths. So. What do you miss? And what are a few things about this time will you one day miss?  I miss Ireland. I miss my musician friends around the world. I miss my siblings being little and me being little with them. I miss my winter clothes that are all at home in a box. One day I’ll miss uncomplicated living and carefree travel. I’ll miss my grandmothers. I’ll miss the time I wasted doubting myself. I’ll always miss Ireland.

I’ll never miss Art because I’ll never stop making it. Every day is a work of Art.


2 responses to “Autumn Leaves

  1. …and Ireland misses you this autumn. Love this blog post so much:) xxxxx

  2. Hi Parisa! I’m so honored that you chose to answer to these queries on your blog! And I’m so glad I found it again! Also–that you resonated with the voice thing. What can I say? Thank you. Glad to see you writing again. This is beautiful.

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