NaPoWriMo – Day 1/Poem 1

It’s November, the ground is thick with fallen leaves and I am getting all misty-eyed for the written word.

Yup, as the temperature drops my love of reading, writing, and general word-messing-with soars! I blame Robert Frost, all Irish writers and the beautifully melancholic winters of home…really could anything be more perfect than tea, a bright winter sky, frost on the ground and a blank page in front of you…eh, no!

In answer to my hearts call, this November I am taking up the challenge of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – where crazy peeps all over the world pledge to write every day in November, no editting allowed, and end up with a blinkin’ novel at the end!).

HOWEVER, instead of a novel I’m offering 30 poems in 30 days,  making it NaPoWriMo for me! (NaPoWriMo does exist but happens in April instead…not so Robert Frost-y then). The only rule is I can’t go back and edit after that day has passed, that can come in December, so rough and raw is the aim of the game!

I haven’t written a poem since moving, in fact since the last meeting of ‘Chapter & Verse’, the most-bestest-incredible Literary Arts Group I’ve ever been part of. I dedicate this month of poetry to Keian, Helen and Jenny, my trio of Word-Warriors, who inspired me to great things there!

I’ll be sharing the ones I’m particularly proud of and of course updating you on my sanity of mind as the month progresses!

Todays first offering is short and sweet, written about a little person I have had the pleasure of getting to know recently…for SJ.

Bun Rising 

Feel it
Homeward, Heartward
molecules of matter
Into, Onto, Unto
molecules that matter
Loving Pressure. 

8 responses to “NaPoWriMo – Day 1/Poem 1

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem Parisa–I hope this leads to more. I love your NaPo idea!

  3. Fourth member of CV feeling distinctly unloved here! Only messing – i wasn’t much of a word warrior…more a silent word watcher =p You guys were too awesome and clever and talented for me! this is such a lovely idea though, I might just try it for myself, before all this flipping medicine-y malarky saps all the creativity out of me! looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work =) x

    • Oh, Helen, I’m so blinkin’ sorry! I’m an utter eejit and you were completely a word-warrior! After you skipped off to India my brain obviously turned to mush and look what happened :) I’m an correcting this article right now…please see above for amended dedication! THank you so much for reading love…are you still writing? I think you should definitely do this and I would love to see what you come up with xx

      • Aw parisa – there was no need to edit – no need! editing’s not allowed this month, no? =p I did a bit of writing in India, couldn’t really help myself with all the flipping amazing sights and sounds and people. Nothing fit for people to see at all though! Maybe by the end of this month, I can scrounge out something to show you….maybe!x

      • Heehee, you know how much I love breaking my own rules :P xx

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