Creativity A-Go-Go! The start of a Scaffolding Adventure…

Well, the day has arrived my friends.

If you are in Vancouver and want to join the fun, there is still time, but as of 7pm PST, the inaugural Creative Scaffolding will have begun!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then slink over here for all the happenings that shall be going down for the next 4 weeks. My brain-child is finally about to see the light of day and as with the conclusion of any labour (of love/children/farmwork) I’m blinkin’ tired. So happy and so tired.

I can’t wait to share elements of it with you over the next few weeks, especially having started a new creative project yesterday. What an opportunity to show you my own creative process!

I’m also working on turning Creative Scaffolding into an online offering that anyone, anywhere can take part in, with enrolment starting December 1st and kicking off in January 2012! Thank you to everyone that voiced an interest in taking part in this, it has been your words of encouragement that have spurred me on in this mammoth endeavor.

I create this offering in the hope of being of service to you in the highest way.


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