RADvent: Challenging


I like to think that I always see challenges as good things. When people ask me why I moved to Vancouver I always say ‘for an adventure!’. Sometimes thought I forget to see the good in challenges, to see them for what they really are…

Opportunities to grow into something more.

:: What is challenging you the most right now? And how can you be grateful for it? Right this moment I am challenged by my relationship. Loving someone does not mean you don’t want to throttle them sometimes!

I am challenged by the ever evolving, dynamic reasons why I feel compelled to make Art. Sometimes they are so tangible I could kiss them. Other days it’s a feeling, just a knowing, that if I don’t sing…if I don’t put pen to paper…if I don’t transform something today, even just a pile of books or clothes on my body…I will stop being who I truly am. I am grateful that I am compelled  to create whether I can comprehend why I do it or not.

I am challenged by the scope of the things I dream of doing: the album I’ll record, the book I’ll write, the course I’ll offer, the performances I’ll give, the home I’ll build, the people I hope to touch. Sometimes I feel like I could fly. Sometimes it all weighs on top of me like a pile of bricks. I’m grateful that I have beautiful dreams, like stars, to aim for!

:: Reflect on one challenging thing you did this year… I commited to learning about myself this year. I challenged myself to grow and be aware and see what came of it.

And what came was adventure, a job I love, a proposal, plans for the future, a course offered and well received, Art made, ideas percolating, more direction than I’ve had in years. Not bad for a years work!

I can’t see the direct thread from this close in time but I KNOW that it’s not an accident that when I get curious about myself and my inner-workings my life took on a very different shape. Yup, don’t understand it but feel it to be true. I would like to thank my trusty journal for holding my hand, it’s been emotional!


What am I up to? RADVENT!

It’s a 24 day round-up, look-back, reminisce of the year created my Princess Lasertron and followed by interesting peeps the blogophere over. You can find all the details here and Princess Lasertron’s Day 1 post with a list of other participants. I love a good advent project (see 12 days of Craftmas as proof)…

‘Tis the season to take stock and be grateful!


One response to “RADvent: Challenging

  1. I like this game–

    What is challenging me the most right now?
    Staying with my pain, rather than trying to fix it, explain it, imagine it differently, beat myself up for it, apologize for it, ect.

    How can I be grateful for that?
    In this rawness, I’m learning more about how to be in relationship.

    One challenging thing that I did this year was…
    I released my debut EP! Holy god!

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