RADvent: Balancing


Balance is a funny one. I didn’t question what it was or why I needed in my life or how it should look until this year, until I started to become more aware of how I functioned best. And the strange thing was that balance, as prescribed by everyone else I’d ever listened too, wasn’t balanced at all to me.

Balance for me is doing things when I actually want to. That to me is true balance, as dictated by my body which innately knows how to keep itself in balance anyway.

When I do things to extreme it’s usually because I’ve been going in the opposite direction too hard for too long and this act will right the balance.The rest of the time I am happily living in a state that suits me, no matter how it might look to other people.

It’s so simple. It’s so logical. It’s like a revelation to me.

And I think that is the hardest thing about achieving balance. It might not look balanced to other people. My life doesn’t look balanced to my partner but you know what, he suffers when I try to live any other way because I am suffering. It might not look right but even he can tell when I’m in my sweet spot.

And that is what balance is for me…my sweet spot…no matter how unbalanced it may seem.


2 responses to “RADvent: Balancing

  1. Dear Parisa,

    I must confess that balance is a dirty word to me. No, that makes it sound too fun. You’re definition almost makes it good, and it makes sense.

    Can’t wait to hear more about this.


    • Amen to that…a dirty word inbeed. I hate when people say ‘life balance’. That means absolutely nothing to me! Life isn’t meant to be lived in balance all the time. There are seasons for everything. Basically I think you’re in balance when you’re happy, no matter what you are doing at the time. The state of balance is recognised, not my your schedule, but by how content you are :)

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