GRATITUDE is the Attitude

It’s time to say my Thank Yous.

I’m going to be 26 for just 2 more weeks and then it’s onwards and upwards to 27-dom. And I want to do it right because this year has been amazing…in the true dictionary meaning of the word. (though I disagree with the dictionaries pronunciation. Obviously taken from an American dictionary…)

a·maz·ing [uh-mey-zing] adjective

causing great surprise or sudden wonder.
But why now?
Well June is my January. While the rest of the World choose to ‘turn their lives around’ in the cold, dark dead of Winter, I choose to eat things and watch Grand Designs with a copy of Vogue beside me for the ad breaks. I practice yoga. I stay warm. I try to deliberately change as little as possible (but you know sometimes sh*t happens, in which case I just roll with it).
And then the miracle that is Spring arrives and I feel inspired and rejuvenated, much like the World itself. And by the time I’ve cottoned on to the fact that I’m feeling up for an adventure again June is just about to land and I’m a year older. Perfect time to take stock and make plans.
So friends, I ask you…how has that whole ‘New Years Resolution’ thing been treating you? Up for a change of pace? Want to tackle your weight/procrastination/heart’s desires while the sun is shining rather than in a blizzard?
I say look back, take stock, say thanks and then leave it all behind like your wooly jumpers on that first sunny May day.
But don’t forget to be grateful. It will propel you forward whatever the weather…

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