Living Libre ~ What’s up with Life Coaching?

The Full Moon and Me on Vancouver Island last weekend…

It’s not everyday you get someone to listen to you moan, give you practical advice, agree with your right to feel that way and help you see all the other perspectives…oh and laugh with you, like wet yourself laughing.

I thought you had to be dating someone to get attention like that, and even then when the Euros are on they just fake it (hint, hint Mr. Fiance!). I was well wrong. All you have to do is find yourself a arse-kicking LIFE COACH!

And I did in the fabulous giggle-attack that is Lindsey Lewis, founder and coach at Libre Living.

Lindsey in her natural form…

I’d heard of life coaching through friends at work who had both utilized coaches to plan, dream, streamline and transform and who had become coaches themselves. So when I found out that Lindsey was looking for a few people do to a 4 week coaching stint with her, I jumped at the chance to get involved and see what coaching would offer me.

I felt like it would be a great opportunity to refocus on my dreams of music and art making, deal with my procrastinating ways and talk out where I saw yoga fitting in with my life and beliefs. And truthfully I am a person with a head swirling with thoughts and a heart filled with emotions and even the most patient of friends don’t want to hear all of it! Yet I still need to process. Journalling is good, oh yes, but talking…that is where the sweet spot lies.

Lindsey had me mapping out my perfect day, using my body – not my mind – as a gauge to make decisive decisions and affirming the bejesus out of my right to build the life that looked right to me.

To say that this was a heady kind of high is an understatement!

It’s not often in your life that you get asked exactly how ‘yes’ feels from your toes to your eyelashes! And then encouraged to spend a day (or longer) making all your decisions based on whether or not you feel that yes. Fun, fun fun!

We meditated, talked yoga and gossiped about how my week had been. I got to talk it aaaaaall out of me. It was blissful!

I’m so grateful to Lindsey for her downright practical attitude tempered with a spiritual outlook on life. Being able to unleash my Irish cynic on her and also discuss the merits of Kundalini yoga on Creative life was blinking marvellous.

I feel so lucky to have found myself surrounded by such an amazing support team this year – from coaches to holistic nutritionists, reiki masters and inspiring yogis, friend with skills and hired-hands who are on board with my vision. Having people that support you, experts who can help you, people who want what’s best for you is something  I had never really considered until now but it is so important! You can’t do everything  and be everyone you need in your life. 

If it takes a village to raise a child then as an adult, I need my tribe!

And a brilliant place to start building that tribe around you is with a life coach.

If you want to see what lovely Lindsey is all about for yourself you can read her seriously useful and inspiring articles on Libre Living. And because all the best people are Geminis, it’s her birthday this week too…on Tuesday she’s have a Pay-What-You-Can-Day to celebrate her birthday and offer coaching in exchange for whatever you can afford. AMAZING!

I hope this inspires you to rope in the help and support you need to make your dreams come true and realise the life that you want. I don’t usually share what my support system looks like or my mushy gooey places outside of Art making  but I hope that this moves you to make sure that you have your dream team in place, whatever that may look like!

And on that note, I’m off to hunt for present that the Fiance has hidden for tomorrow…cue evil laugh…


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