What’s your Hearts Equation?

What's your Hearts Equation?

I saw this the other day while walking to work. What a a simple, yet fundamental question…


What do you need to for a HEART-felt response?
What makes your heart swell?
What two things, when added together, create love and happiness for you?

Remembering that we can create an even more amazing reality for ourselves through alchemy, by adding things we love TOGETHER, is a revelation in itself. Just think of cookies. And then think of cream. And then just think how good they are together in ice cream. Genius!

Sometimes working out what makes our heart sing is the hardest part…and then once we know it’s easy. You just do it! Repeatedly!

So here’s your chance to fill in the blanks with whatever you want! Post your thoughts below and I’ll share my response to this Art-full question tomorrow…can’t wait to hear what you think.


2 responses to “What’s your Hearts Equation?

  1. Girl, I love this question. And in my mind these are two people. A relationship between two people makes my heart sing. Love it.

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