In Which My Perfect Heart Sum Doesn’t Add Up

Did you get a chance to answer the question I set  yesterday? No idea what I’m talking about?! No problem. Just head over here and you’ll be all caught up…don’t worry, it’s a short post.

I spent sometime mulling over what two things when added together make my heart sing. And I couldn’t make my mind up. I like to blame my indecisiveness on being a Gemini but really I just like too many things.

I thought about how I liked fusing different musical genres. I thought about how I love it when religion and science agree (and they do, just give them a chance!) I thought about cheese paired with just about everything, even chocolate. I could not decide.

So I asked the cards.

Yup, I own a deck of tarot cards and over the last year I’ve been learning how to read them and use them to tap into my own intuition and knowledge. I don’t believe that the cards are anything more than paper with really pretty pictures on them but I believe in serendipity and that I pull the cards I’m meant to see.

So I pull two random cards and this is what they say to me…

I want to be alone!

I pull a whole pile of cards with only one person in them. I keep pulling more, not liking what I’m seeing but you can’t trick tarot cards because there is nothing to trick! They’re just cards and it’s my interpretation of them that I don’t like! Damn you brain!

It seems that right now I’m big into the journey, big into finding myself and learning new things, and I’m big into doing it all by myself.

I was not expecting this.

And as proof that there are indeed cards with lots of people on them, here you go…social cards, not for me and my heart…sigh…

As true as I think the ‘inner journey alone’ statement is, it’s hardly the whole of me. Time for another approach. The conscious approach. This time I pick cards I am drawn to. I pick what literally takes my fancy. And I consoled myself with two beauties: The Star and The Fool.

And yes, you’re right…I’m still alone. Alone in my own fantastical daydream it seems but at least being an airy-fairy creative and a naive free-spirit makes being alone a whole lot more fun!

So this Autumn I’ll be honouring my hearts needs for a little alone time to delve within and see what’s cooking. The heart is a fickle thing but sometimes it’s best just to just take the message and make the best of it. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Did you find out anything interesting about your heart-space while trying to make your perfect heart sum?

How will you choose to honour it this Autumn?


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