From Me, With Love – An invitation to go deeper…

I’ve had a little brainwave – a little moment of clarity – and a deep, hungry want to get cozy with you on a subject that’s been holding my attention recently.

I wanna talk tarot. I want to get the conversation started on intuition and creativity. I want to explore the sub-conscious and feel in awe of our depths. And I want to do it with you!

I realize this topic isn’t for everyone and right now I’m looking to re-vamp LightingLittleFires with an eye to more musings on Art-making and Creativity in Everyday Life, as well as my own Artsy endeavors.

Tarot Newsletter

So I’ve created a newsletter, dedicated to the metaphysical discussion, full of original content that I won’t be publishing on LightingLittleFires. If you’re game, I’ll pop into your inbox every New and Full Moon (not sure when the next newsletter is? Why, just look out your window!)

Sign up below and look out for the first installment this Wednesday!


And, hey, if it’s not for you no worries! That’s the beauty of the ‘opt-in’…the decision is yours!

4 responses to “From Me, With Love – An invitation to go deeper…

  1. Maya-Rose Chauhan

    Yeah, I’d like to be a part of this!

  2. This sounds fantastic and I would love to hear more – sign my up!

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