Hello, hello! Come in, get settled. Would you like a cup of tea?! So lovely to meet you…

Hi, my name’s Parisa Roohipour and welcome to my little corner of the world…Lighting Little Fires. It is here that I:

» Explore the creative process in my post series ‘Stoke the Fire’ and let you know what I learn in the trenches as I attempt to make my living from the Arts and strive to live joyfully drenched in colour!

» Share with you my crafting adventures in knit and crochet, writing patterns, learning new techniques and touching squishy yarn! Every Friday I post ‘Crafty like a Fox’, a round up of all my fav patterns, inspiring crafters and community happenings in the Crafting Universe.

» Document my life as I endeavor to build my heart’s home on a foundation of creative expression!

About Me

~ I’m from County Down in Northern Ireland and live in the most beautiful wee village on the coast.
~ I’m a Gemini…9th June to be exact, in case you want to send me a bday present!
~ I went to music college and have a degree in Music Production & Engineering and Vocal Performance.
~ I hope to make my living as a singer-songwriter but until then I also work as a freelance studio engineer and get obsessive about this blog!
~ My favourite job of all time (so far) was working in a wool shop in Brisbane. I got to teach people how to knit and crochet, troubleshoot patterns and talk about yarn ALL DAY!
~ I’ve lived in Ireland, India, Boston – USA, Brisbane – Australia and am currently in the process of moving to Vancouver – Canada.
~ I’m left-handed.
~ I love to write – poetry, articles, short stories, songs…aah, messing around with words…
~ I’ve crafted ever since I figured out that you could make jewelry from dry pasta shapes.
~ I learned to knit at 4 yrs old and crochet soon after. I credit these crafts with getting me through my degree course with my sanity intact!
~ I write my own original knit and crochet patterns and dabble in embroidery, cross-stitch, felting, painting and book-making. I really want to learn how to quilt.
~ I’m a Bahá’í.

Contact Me

Email: lightinglittlefires@gmail.com I read all the mail I get and love replying.

Twitter: @littlefires

Myspace: You can hear me sing my songs at www.myspace.com/parisar

Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/people/littlefire

Post: I love real post. I’m so old-school I still have actual pen-pals! If there is anything you would like to send me just email me and we can sort it out :)

~ I would love to review your craft or creativity-related product or book. Feel free to email me for more details.

~ I relish the opportunity to write guest blog-posts and collaborate with exciting people and projects. Please email me that the above adress if you want me to be part of your creative adventure!


3 responses to “About&Contact

  1. What a lovely website — found you through a comment on Rav, and I’ll be subscribing. You have a great voice!

    • Rachael, It’s so lovely to ‘meet’ a fellow Raveller :) Thanks for subscribing…I really appreciate the support and kind words. If there is ever anything you’d like to see on the blog please feel free to let me know…I love little reccommendations and suggestions!

  2. I really miss a song I heard years ago. It was called “Soheila’s Song”. Was it you? I want to hear it again!

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