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NaPoWriMo – Poems 2 & 3

**Don’t know what the crepe I’m on about or up to here?? Read this, catch up and we’ll meet back here in 3 minutes…GO!**

Tuesday Night’s Ladies Club

(*disclaimer: I think it works better if you say it out loud…)

Women circle Women

Circle closer circle

Closer to their truth

Holding space

Carries truth carries

Water running closer

Nourish roots.


without strangling,
your red heart.

How to Overcome the Fear of Unedited Poetry!

I fear unedited poetry like others fear the monster lurking under their beds.

Nothing freaks me out more than the thought of Poetry being ‘done’ in one go…mainly because nothing thrills me more than MESSING around with a poem after I’ve captured it. How dare you steal my thrill one-draft-wonders!

I pin down the gist of things with a few ham-fisted phrases and then gear up for the delicious act of peeling apart these glorified place-fillers until I hit on what I truly want to evoke. Ah! Blissful!

NaPoWriMo seriously squashes that one. All I can think about at the moment is the poem I published on the first day, cringing at the thought of its rough edges and day-dreaming about how I’d tweak it into shape. I should be thinking about my next offering but I’m distracted by the joys of noodling and fearful of published crap.


Dear Reader,

Please know that all my poems written and published through the month of November 2011 will be crap. I thank you for being so kind in your critiques and comments and bearing this fact in mind.

On the 1st of December 2011 I shall be removing ALL poems published in November so they be treated to some tender, loving drafting…even poems deserve some love at Christmas…I will re-publish them only when I feel they are properly risen and baked and those which flop in the middle may never be seen again!

Thank you for you understanding in this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Poet & Principle Firestarter at LLFs.

And with that said, now back to my regularly scheduled poeming…

NaPoWriMo – Day 1/Poem 1

It’s November, the ground is thick with fallen leaves and I am getting all misty-eyed for the written word.

Yup, as the temperature drops my love of reading, writing, and general word-messing-with soars! I blame Robert Frost, all Irish writers and the beautifully melancholic winters of home…really could anything be more perfect than tea, a bright winter sky, frost on the ground and a blank page in front of you…eh, no!

In answer to my hearts call, this November I am taking up the challenge of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – where crazy peeps all over the world pledge to write every day in November, no editting allowed, and end up with a blinkin’ novel at the end!).

HOWEVER, instead of a novel I’m offering 30 poems in 30 days,  making it NaPoWriMo for me! (NaPoWriMo does exist but happens in April instead…not so Robert Frost-y then). The only rule is I can’t go back and edit after that day has passed, that can come in December, so rough and raw is the aim of the game!

I haven’t written a poem since moving, in fact since the last meeting of ‘Chapter & Verse’, the most-bestest-incredible Literary Arts Group I’ve ever been part of. I dedicate this month of poetry to Keian, Helen and Jenny, my trio of Word-Warriors, who inspired me to great things there!

I’ll be sharing the ones I’m particularly proud of and of course updating you on my sanity of mind as the month progresses!

Todays first offering is short and sweet, written about a little person I have had the pleasure of getting to know recently…for SJ.

Bun Rising 

Feel it
Homeward, Heartward
molecules of matter
Into, Onto, Unto
molecules that matter
Loving Pressure.