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‘Our World, Our Home’ cupcakes by clevercupcakes, via Flickr

Today is the 41th anniversary of Earth Day – 24 hours dedicated to thinking and acting for our shared Home.

I wrote an article on Earth Day and ‘Eco-Crafting’ for the yarn store I was working at in Brisbane last year. I reread the article while thinking about what I wanted to say here and was struck by certain points that I felt rang true for all Creatives.

You can read the whole article here (and find links to lots of eco-friendly, waste-reducing knitting and crochet patterns) but I have nicked a few of my favourite points and put them below. I hope they resonate with you too!

Today isn’t just for Eco-Warrior, Do-Gooders or Pryius drivers. Today, for me, is about working from the ground up.

Adjusting my actions to influence and encourage those around me.

Change starts, not in government or legislation or environmental campaigns (though all these things serve a purpose and have power to help change), it starts with you… well, me.

It starts with me.


We are so lucky to all possess skills that allow us to create… For that reason we are set apart from the wasteful nature of our ‘throw-away’ culture, where clothes sell cheap and wear out in two washes.

In our own little way, our crafting helps bolster the idea that to invest time, energy and money in creating…is a worthy act.

In this sense I think we are all helping to support our planet…

Have a great, green Earth Day…and thank you Planet Earth for the best of rental agreements…an unlimited contract so long as we promise not to trash the place!


Happy Earth Day!

Hope everyone has a great, thought-provoking Earth Day!

I’ve just posted up my latest contribution to the Threads and More blog, all focuses on crafting with a conscious. See near the bottom for a round-up of useful knitting and crochet patterns.

I’ll be back in the next few days to catch you up on all the fun had in Reno and our time here in New York City! And, yes, it will include yarn… :)