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‘Our World, Our Home’ cupcakes by clevercupcakes, via Flickr

Today is the 41th anniversary of Earth Day – 24 hours dedicated to thinking and acting for our shared Home.

I wrote an article on Earth Day and ‘Eco-Crafting’ for the yarn store I was working at in Brisbane last year. I reread the article while thinking about what I wanted to say here and was struck by certain points that I felt rang true for all Creatives.

You can read the whole article here (and find links to lots of eco-friendly, waste-reducing knitting and crochet patterns) but I have nicked a few of my favourite points and put them below. I hope they resonate with you too!

Today isn’t just for Eco-Warrior, Do-Gooders or Pryius drivers. Today, for me, is about working from the ground up.

Adjusting my actions to influence and encourage those around me.

Change starts, not in government or legislation or environmental campaigns (though all these things serve a purpose and have power to help change), it starts with you… well, me.

It starts with me.


We are so lucky to all possess skills that allow us to create… For that reason we are set apart from the wasteful nature of our ‘throw-away’ culture, where clothes sell cheap and wear out in two washes.

In our own little way, our crafting helps bolster the idea that to invest time, energy and money in creating…is a worthy act.

In this sense I think we are all helping to support our planet…

Have a great, green Earth Day…and thank you Planet Earth for the best of rental agreements…an unlimited contract so long as we promise not to trash the place!


Creating = Energy

*This article is part of a series called ‘Stoke the Fire’, which explores the creative process and attempts to understand how and why we are driven to create. I would love to hear your opinions on creativity and ideas for future posts.*


Tapping into a source of Renewable, Sustainable, Caffeine-less Energy

by Brenda Starr, via Flickr Creative Commons

Ugh! It’s Monday and I have a busy day ahead, full of previously procrastinated tasks, writing, cleaning, maybe some yoga and an album launch to attend in Belfast this evening. I’m definitely one of those kinds of people that thinking about what I have to do makes me feel TIRED. Like I have no energy for it all. I’m 25. Ridiculous, I’m sure.

I was taught in school that energy can’t be created or destroyed but moves from form to form, object to object. So I can’t ‘make’ my own energy. I have to find myself a power supply that I can relay on.

Commonly used, and recommended,  energy sources  are…

  • caffeine,
  • drugs,
  • drink,
  • food,
  • sex,
  • money – getting it and spending it…

…but they are pretty unstable energy sources. They are addictive, or their potency wears off with use, or they rely entirely on another person (always an unstable source). All listed together they may seem like obvious enemies of true energy but they are so subtly present in all our lives, supported by popular culture and are easy to get your hands on, that I would be surprised if you didn’t over-indulge in at least one regularly.

As creative beings we are GIFTED with a limitless, abundant, completely environmentally friendly source of energy because when we create we are energized! Have you noticed? ‘Course you have. Everyone has had that buzz after a job well done.

by rpongsaj, via Flickr Creative Commons

As the One True Energy/The Ultimate Creativity/The Muse/Whatever moves through us and inspires us (did you know that word the ‘inspire’ literally means to breathe through or into?!…breathing inspiration and energy into you) it also energizes us. It’s a perk of the job, a little present left behind after the Art has been made. We are revitalized by an energy source that is so pure, healthy, life-affirming and generous that coffee becomes a pretty redundant pick-me-up.

It’s free, clean, highly addictive but only in the most positive way, driving you to abundant happiness, rock-solid self-esteem and joyful being. Well, that’s what I’ve found :) You may feel ‘spent’ after creating something you’re proud of but I bet you also feel satisfaction that radiates from your head to your toes! You sleep better and on waking you feel like a new person, bright-eyes and bushy-tailed.

by kelsey_lovefusionphoto, via Flickr Creative Commons

However, in order to sustain this energy source there are three things I’ve found I have to do to keep the good time rolling…

~ SLEEP! – this is NON-NEGOTIABLE, and ironically usually the first thing that goes out the window with me. You need to give yourself the opportunity to absorb and process what has happened, soak up this energy into your being and store it up for whenever you need it.

~ Fill the Well – you have to commit to deliberately and regularly keeping your well of inspiration topped up. You can’t mine your resources ruthlessly without replacing what you use. For ideas on how to do this read 101 Ways to Spark Inspiration…

~ Keep Working! – Trust the process and know that some work is never meant to be seen. You make it to just get the crap out, practice and make way for the good stuff. TRUST!

You hear about artists panicking when they lose the faith in their creative energy. They forget how sustaining and whole-hearted it is but they also crave it, live for it. So they try to find it before the creation is made, usually tapping into our list of unstable sources above. So looms the dreaded ‘Block’. Best way to get through it? Keep making stuff. Do the thing that seems the hardest.

I still like a latte. I love when I can earn money doing what I feel passionately about and then enjoy spending it. I still take great support and solace from the love of my friends and family and partner. However, I am under no illusions that these sources alone cannot get me through my day, through my life. I know where I can I can tap into something that will never desert me.

~ What has your experience of creating and its ‘perks’ been? Do you feel energised afterwards?

~ Do you have a different perspective on the creative process? I would love, love, LOVE to hear…