Work With Me

Coaching works best when you are totally honest with yourself! Well, duh! :)

But what happens when you just don’t know what the honest answer is?! When you feel lost and overwhelmed??

What happens when you come to coaching because you don’t know what is true for you??

I’m a qualified holistic life coach who uses the intuitive power of tarot and the insight of astrology to help you find your truth when you feel lost!

The symbols and storytelling of tarot empower you to face your truth, often prompting you to explore aspects of a situation you hadn’t considered relevant.

Astrology gives insight into your strengths and tendencies, both positive and negative, so you can find clarity and take inspired action that works to your strengths!

With these as our jumping off point we can delve into any issue, any problem, with confidence…no matter how lost you’re feeling.

Don’t struggle with the ‘I don’t knows’ of life!

Find clarity! Let the stars and the cards help you find your way…

Your session includes…

  • your unique astrological natal chart created ahead of time so I can analyse it before we meet
  • cards consulted during our session together, helping to guide and clarify as we work together
  • focus on inspired action you can take after our session so you can begin moving in the right direction for you immediately
  • session notes emailed to you after the call

Your investment for 1hr coaching session via Skype, including astrological insights and tarot reading, is $200

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