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Yoga ~ More than meets the Third Eye

Oh Yoga! How I have loved and left you over the 10 years we’ve known each other and yet when I come back you always welcome me with open arms. In fact this time round you decided to hit me over the head, drag me back to your cave and make it for keeps!

The great thing about Yoga is that it over-delivers, every time. I see it everyday at work as yoga newbies walk out of their first class and advanced practitioners come back for more.

You go to it for fitness, it also gives you well-rounded health.

You go to it for fitness & health, it’ll also relieves your stress.

You go to it for health and stress-relief, it offers up clarity and energy.

Go for all that and it’ll open your mind up to new possibilities.

Go for the expansive thoughts and new perspectives and it’ll crack your heart open like a chestnut at Christmas.

And that’s without even broaching the spiritual aspect of the practice. Yup, it’s official. I’m head over heels and I want to sing it from the mountaintops.

It is the delicious antidote to the saltiness of Everyday. An all-natural sweetener that won’t peak your blood sugar, drain your bank account or ruin your relationship! Plus all this goodness comes with the added bonus of a guaranteed lying-down at the end of your session – few things in life are more blissful than Savasana at the end of an inspiring/challenging practice!

And I’ve found Yoga to have wonderful side-effects, beyond the better posture, clearer mind and flatter stomach.

I’ve found that when I dedicated myself to my Yoga practice, my spiritual practice deepened too (I’m a Baha’i, in case you’re interested). I found that synchronicity becomes more abundant, probably from paying better attention to life. I’ve found myself standing knee-deep in the Every Day, acutely present and better able to tailor it to my vision for my life or roll with the punches when the Universe vetos me and gifts me a different (usually better) option.

And yet, there’s more to Yoga than just Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation. More than what we meet in the classroom or studio.

There are Eight Limbs, all inter-connected, all feeding off and into each other to create a whole life practice, utterly accessible to all. These limbs transcend religious affiliations (in fact I would say that all authentic religions and spiritual paths already teach these tenets) and work to allow us to walk our practical, Earthly lives with spiritual feet.

How did I practice Yoga over the last 10 years and ONLY BE FINDING THIS ALL OUT NOW!

I’ve always loved the concept of taking Yoga ‘off the mat’…all my favorite teachers have preached this and I just thought it was because we were on the same wave-length. Seems that they were actually trying to educate me on everything Yoga had to offer…sorry Teach, I’m only getting it now!

And when linked to Art-making and Creativity…well, that is a whole other post. Stay tuned!

It’s been a year since I landed up in these parts and scored my sweet-assed job at a brilliant Yoga studio. In January I embarked on my Yoga teacher training and as of the 31st of March I am a qualified Yoga teacher. I’m freakin’ beside myself to start incorporating this new knowledge into my Creative endeavors, into Creative Scaffolding, into classes where Artists of all ilks can come and access their inspiration and talents in healthy, sustainable, wholehearted ways.

I’m excited, can you tell?!

So here’s to you, Yoga. You’re way more than meets the (third) eye!